Just as we can exercise to stay physically fit, there is so much we can do to build up our mental health and keep ourselves on the positive end of the mental wellbeing spectrum.

Wellbeing is at the core of all that we do. This includes our mental wellbeing, yet, all too often, it is something we take for granted. Looking after our mental wellbeing tends to be ignored, possibly because of the shame and stigma attached to becoming or being unwell.

My approach

My personal experiences of being mentally unwell, losing friends to suicide and being connected to a profession with one of the highest rates of depression and increasing suicides led me to wanting to steer through the stigma, and to be active in the wellbeing field.

The level I work at is similar to that of a personal trainer who enables you to achieve your fitness goals. I work with individuals who want to take care of their mental health and build good habits. As with a personal trainer, the threshold is also illness or injury. As with many physical illnesses, looking after ourselves does not guarantee that everything will always be ok, and if someone becomes unwell, it is appropriate for them to see a mental health professional.

Signature Wellbeing Talk

My signature wellbeing talk, ‘Wellbeing strategies for self-care and supporting others’ is based on my lived experience of being mentally unwell and shares strategies for self-care and supporting others underpinned by best practices from Mental Health First Aid, SafeTalk, positive psychology together with strategies from mental health and wellbeing coaching.

Wellbeing Workouts

Wellbeing practices are no longer dismissed as being new age as evidence-based research catches up with traditional wisdom. Most of these practices are simple to learn and easily incorporated into everyday life bringing benefits that range from being able to manage stress, feeling more energised, improved focus, sleeping easily, experiencing more joy as well as being able to make good decisions, communicate better with others and make a positive impact.

Each workout is between 60 to 120 minutes. Explore the flashcards for details of workshops.

An Experience of Meditation

Demystifying the meditation maze including practical experience of a simple form of meditation and mindfulness practices. (I learned Transcendental Meditation at 19, and am certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

An Experience of Gratitude Practices

Exploring evidence-based practices which can improve our overall wellbeing, including our self-esteem, the quality of our relationships with others and can also lead to better sleep quality and patterns.

An Experience of Positive Language

Exploring the effects of spoken words, body language and internal dialogue on how we feel and our impact on others.

An Experience of Connection

Experiencing simple techniques for connecting with ourselves and others for increased presence and happiness.

An Experience of Personal Values

Identifying personal values, understanding how these drive us and exploring how to use these effectively in decision-making.

I’d love to work together:

To hold a wellbeing workout or awareness session for your organization in a Breakfast Briefing or a Lunch & Learn session.

To hold a half-day session or run a 4-6 week programme.

To work with you as an individual to put together a personal mental fitness plan.

Please Connect with me to find out more.