I engage with listening as material, exploring its ability to create spaces of connection, places of safety and act as a catalyst for transformation.

Bridging the Blue

A VR creative experiment in collaboration with V-SENSE

This work emerged from a lived experience of clinically diagnosed depression and the potential of VR in empathic storytelling.

I am interested in the novelty-factor, playfulness and immediacy of the medium and how it enables an experience of entering another’s inner landscape. Through sharing personal iconography in non-linear storytelling, the work invites family members, friends and colleagues to gain a deeper understanding of how breakdown feels while challenging common misconceptions of mental illness. On a more personal level, it offers playback and validation to those who have also been unwell, to alleviate feelings of shame, isolation and the pressure to remain silent.

Stills from Bridging the Blue

Bridging the Blue

Production Credits

Creative Director: Lubna Gem Arielle
Written & Performed by: Lubna Gem Arielle
Production & Design: V-SENSE team – Matthew Moynihan, Iman Zolanvari, Rogerio Da Silva, Alan Cummins
Music: Evangelia Rigaki, Usher Associate Professor, Trinity Department of Music
Performed by: parabasis
Percussion: Richard O’Donnell
Cello: Martin Johnson
Recording: Conall O’Maolan
Scenography: Neill O’Dwyer, V-SENSE & Trinity Department of Drama
Producer: Aljosa Smolic, SFI Research Professor of Creative Technologies

The work will be shared at Creative Folkestone, Open Quarter 2019 – please click the button above for details.