I’m Lubna Gem Arielle

– facilitator, executive coach and speaker. I help organisations and individuals build impactful relationships with clients and colleagues.

Like you, most of my clients are already accomplished as professionals. They recognise that there is always room for growth and improvement.

The quality of our business relationships and building deep, authentic connections are essential ingredients for future-proofing success.

I work with professional service providers ranging from lawyers to wellness professionals as a Facilitator and Executive Coach. I’m passionate about enabling my clients to excel in an environment where everyone feels respected, safe and included.


My journey spans law, creative practice and higher education starting with a successful first career as a solicitor specialising in the arts, media and IT across private practice (CMS, a boutique music law firm, my own practice, US firm, Steptoe & FieldFisher) and in-house at PwC and Head of Legal at Rich Mix. I moved away from my legal career to study art part-time at Central Saint Martins and explore my creativity.

For over a decade, I then had a portfolio career spanning law and creative practice. Key elements included higher education as an MA lecturer (Birkbeck, University of London and Sotheby’s Institute of Art), adult education and professional speaking, writing and presenting programmes for lawyers with Legal Network Television, interviewing leaders in their field, creative writing and professional acting.

The heart of my journey includes always learning, evaluating my goals and moving forward. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, all my dots joined up in the end. What I love most about what I do now is that it is consistent with my core values of courage, connection and joy.