3 Ways to Boost your Confidence

Being confident unlocks opportunities for us. Without it, we may not have the courage to dream boldly, to be visible & vocal and ask for what we want. Yet so many of us lack confidence, only experience it in occasional flashes or, if we do have some, our confidence falters at critical times.

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The more you practice this, the simpler it becomes.

Watch this short video for  3 tools you can use to boost your confidence:

To work more deeply on transforming negative beliefs, use the five-step process below.

In coaching, we often compare our underlying beliefs to the submerged part of the iceberg, which generally comprises almost 90%, is hidden away and has the power to destroy us and bring us down. The same applies to negative beliefs which can start in negative self-talk and end in our giving up on our dreams and goals. Transforming our negative self-talk is akin to melting the iceberg!

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‘Ordinary Magic,’ is a term used by psychologist Ann Masten from the University of Minnesota to broadly describe processes and systems which can contribute to building resilience.

As our confidence grows, we can allow ourselves to dream big, to make better choices, to commit and take action, living our best lives and fulfilling our potential.

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